Artem aka ArtMe, ArtMe36,, Urnix

I'm a Freelancer and Fullstack JavaScript Senior Software Developer with 15+ years of experience. My hobbies are cycling, skiing and traveling. But not only.

Here you can find found information about me, my pet project:

I also publish articles about Development, Life in Istanbul, and other.

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I can do any project on the web. If it interests me.


✅ Clouds: AWS, Google Cloud, Firebase
✅ Architectures: Serverless, Monolith, OOP
✅ Languages: JavaScript/TypeScript (earlier Java, C++, Delphi and more)
✅ Frameworks: Svelte/SvelteKit, Vue.js, Angular, Node.js, NestJS
✅ Testing: Cypress, Jest
✅ Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Firestore
✅ APIs: Google, oAuth, Google Maps and more
✅ VCS: Git (GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab)
✅ CI:, BitBucket CI, GitLab CI
✅ OS: Linux, MacOS
✅ AI: Microwork (IBM subcontractor), Vision AI, OpenAI API, etc


CastSoft CAST Software - Senna
Lytehouse Lytehouse
Connectful Connectful
FoodRazor FoodRazor
Microwork Microwork (formerly Sajari)
Huntsman Huntsman
ATOLLis ATOLLis - Well Passport
Umasterov Umasterov

Pet Projects

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Art Menu

Extremely lightweight QR Menu for restaurants

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United Contest

Chat for motivation

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YouTube channel that helps you learn one English word a day

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A fun simulator for children that allows them to learn the alphabet while watching their favorite cartoon series

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Lightweight npm package to compress images to webp format using GraphicsMagick

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